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AI-Driven Career Accelerator Program

Custom-Crafted Career Paths, Stellar Reputation, Just A Command Away.

Freeze your status as an indispensable asset and be the professional no one can afford to lose.


Are any of these challenges familiar to you?

  • Endless job applications but no responses, leaving you questioning what you're missing.

  • The desire to break free from a stifling job atmosphere, aiming for a role that not only pays better but also values your contributions.

  • Re-entering the job market after a long hiatus, feeling lost in the modern dynamics of job hunting.

  • An outdated resume that fails to capture your true professional worth, in need of a strategic makeover.

  • A LinkedIn profile that exists but doesn't work for you, needing a touch of AI-driven optimization magic to showcase your true potential.

  • Facing a career transition or unexpected job loss, and looking for expert guidance to navigate this crucial phase with confidence and strategy.

  • Imagine if your professional life transformed in just a few weeks from now like the one below!

  • You've evolved into a recognized thought leader in your industry, known for your insights and expertise.

  • You're navigating conversations with ease, influencing outcomes and leading with confidence, whether it's with managers, colleagues, or clients.

  • You've unlocked new career opportunities, with your choice of roles that recognize your worth and offer exciting challenges.

  • Promotions and recognitions are now a regular part of your career trajectory, acknowledging your invaluable contribution.

  • You're the top talent that leading companies are vying to bring on board, with your skills and professionalism making you an irresistible hire.

  • You've successfully pivoted to a new career path, backed by a skill set that makes transitions smooth and rewarding.

  • Your professional journey is an inspiration to others, setting a benchmark in continuous learning and excellence.

  • Your indispensable role in any organization you join has made you a key player, essential to the success and innovation of your team.


    AI-Driven Career Accelerator Program

    Expert advice, tailored upskilling, and strategic positioning, all at your command.

    You could spend months juggling between various resources, advice and figuring questions like...

  • What skills are essential for my next career leap, and how do I acquire them efficiently?

  • How can I tailor my resume to stand out for every job I apply to?

  • What's the best way to articulate my experience and close employment gaps convincingly?

  • Is crafting a cover letter still relevant, and how do I make mine impactful?

  • How can I transform my LinkedIn profile into a powerful career tool?

  • Which interview questions are crucial for my specific job role, and how should I prepare for them?

  • What insightful questions can I ask during an interview to make a lasting impression?

  • What are the most effective strategies for following up with recruiters?

  • But seriously... with the AI Driven Career Accelerator Program, you don't have to.


    Here's exactly what's inside the AI-Driven Career Accelerator Program

    This program includes 3 LIVE training sessions + a Bonus session over the span of 1 month starting from Sunday, 17th March 2024 that'll provide effective strategies and clear roadmap to approach Job Search in 2024 and land your dream job with desired salaries faster.

    LIVE SESSION #1: The AI-Powered Job Search Mastery

    This session will give you invaluable insights into relevant strategies that will help you to target and apply for positions that align perfectly with your goals and aspirations.

    Lessons Include:

  • How to tap into the Hidden Job Market to discover the right opportunities

  • How to Gain Career Clarity and Outshine Your Competition in Any Job Market.

  • BONUS: Keep your job search organized with the Job Search Planner. Track important info, dates and notes about each job position

  • LIVE SESSION #2: Crafting Irresistible Resume & Cover Letter

    Revolutionize your resume to captivate recruiters and pass through Applicant Tracking Systems with ease.

    Lessons Include:

  • AI Analysis of Your Existing Resume and Targeted Job Descriptions: Elevate your job application with an AI-powered analysis of your resume, meticulously aligned with the requirements of your targeted job descriptions, ensuring your resume stands out to recruiters.

  • Expert Advice on Structuring and Refining Your Resume Content: Benefit from professional insights on resume structure and content refinement, crafting a resume that not only tells your professional story compellingly but also highlights your unique strengths and achievements using results-driven statements.

  • BONUS: RESUME OPTIMIZER GENIE a tool that'll turn any AI platform of your choice into your personalized Resume Optimization Assistant.

  • LIVE SESSION #3: AI-Powered Job Interview Confidence Booster

    This session will help you gain skills to highlight your strengths, present yourself convincingly in any interview

    Lessons Include:

  • Learn the 4-step system to master your next interview, including answering the most commonly asked interview questions, managing your nerves and anxiety and asking your interviewer smart questions.

  • Craft Your 30 Seconds Elevator Pitch, to make a strong first impression in 30 seconds or less during job interviews and while attending networking events.

  • BONUS: Interview Assistance Genie that'll help you hone your interview skills with interactive mock sessions, receiving real-time feedback from AI, enabling you to refine your responses, enhance your presentation skills, and build confidence to handle any interview situation.

  • Right now is the best time to enroll into the program!


    Enroll into the program now and get these FAST ACTION Bonuses!


    LIVE SESSION: AI-Powered LinkedIn Profile Makeover

    Discover the 7 Key Components to Optimize on Your LinkedIn Profile to build your strong professional presence and attract the right opportunities.


    UPSKILL GENIE: AI-Powered Skill Evaluation

    Turn any AI platform of your choice into your personalized Technical skill evaluator and Upskill Mentor that helps you find the skill gaps and provide personalized upskilling plans

    The AI Driven Career Accelerator Program is your all-in-one solution for a standout impression at the workplace and swiftly securing opportunities!

    TOTAL VALUE = $1437 i.e. ₹1,19,232/-

    REGULAR PRICE = $247 i.e.₹20,480/-

    SPECIAL PRE-LAUNCH OFFER = ONLY $59 i.e. ₹4,997/-


    The professional landscape is transforming rapidly!

    Seize your next career milestone with confidence.

    In an era of dynamic work environments and evolving career paths, the opportunity to elevate your professional status is at your fingertips.

    Embrace this program and position yourself as the top candidate for breakthrough career opportunities!


    Hi there! I’m Adnan!

    A software engineer turned AI and digital marketing entrepreneur.

    My journey began in the intricate world of web development, where for 14 years, I immersed myself in code and innovation, culminating in a pivotal role at Oracle. But there was a calling that couldn’t be ignored – the dream of carving my own path in the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.

    In 2021, I took the leap. Leaving behind the security of Oracle, I co-founded Market Like Pro Pvt. Ltd., venturing into the uncharted territories of online marketing. It was more than a career shift; it was a transformation fueled by passion and a vision to empower professionals like you.

    The digital world is ever-evolving, and with the advent of AI platforms like ChatGPT, I recognized an unprecedented opportunity. I dove headfirst into mastering these tools, not just for my ventures but as a gateway to empower others. I developed ‘Engineered Prompt Sequences’ – a breakthrough in utilizing AI for professional growth.

    Today, my mission transcends beyond my company. It's about bringing these innovations to you – the ambitious professionals, the relentless learners, the career climbers. Whether it’s enhancing skills or navigating the complexities of AI in your industry, my experience as a software engineer and an entrepreneur uniquely positions me to guide you on this journey.

    From Oracle to entrepreneurship, from code to creativity, my story is a testament to the power of upskilling and adapting. And now, I'm here to help you write your success story, to move beyond the traditional boundaries and harness the potential of AI in your professional life.

    Join me, and let's embark on this transformative journey together. It's not just about staying relevant; it's about leading the change.

    You deserve nothing less! Let’s get started!

    AI-Driven Career Accelerator Program

    Expert advice, tailored upskilling, and strategic positioning, all at your command.

  • 3 Information-Packed LIVE Training Sessions with Easy-To-Follow, High-Impact Job Hunt Processes + Access To Recordings ($797 i.e. ₹66083)

  • Resume Optimizer Genie and Interview Assistance Genie to turn any AI platforms of your choice into your personalized Resume Optimizer and Interview Assistant ($97 i.e. ₹8127)

  • Template Vault of 30+ Resume, Cover Letter, Interview Follow Up Templates with Specific Examples and a Job Search Planner ($197 i.e. ₹16334)

  • FAST ACTION BONUS #1: LIVE AI Powered LinkedIn Profile Makeover with LinkedIn Optimizer Genie to build your strong professional presence ($297 i.e. ₹24626)

  • FAST ACTION BONUS #2: Upskill Genie - AI Powered Personalized Skill Gap Analysis, Customized Upskilling Plans, and Course Recommendations ($49 i.e. ₹4062)

  • TOTAL VALUE = $1437 i.e. ₹ 1,19,232/-

    REGULAR PRICE = $247 i.e. ₹ 20,480/-

    SPECIAL PRE-LAUNCH OFFER = ONLY $59 i.e. ₹4,997/-



    You're Protected By Our Action-Takers Only Money Back Guarantee!

    Invest in your career confidently with our "AI-Driven Career Accelerator Program." If you do the work and the assignments laid out in the program, show me your results, And If you're still not satisfied, we'll refund your purchase. We're here to ensure your career takes off!

    Your Questions Answered

    When is this program scheduled for?

    You will receive an email instantly post-purchase with an access to the members area and bonuses. The LIVE program schedule will be shared on WhatsApp.

    How will I receive this Program after purchase?

    You will receive an email instantly post-purchase with an access to the members area and bonuses. The LIVE training schedule will be shared on WhatsApp.

    Will recordings be available?

    Yes, recordings will be available right after each LIVE training in your members area.

    How many trainings does this program have?

    The AI Driven Career Accelerator Program contains 3 weekly LIVE trainings PLUS 1 Fast Action Bonus LIVE training spread over a span of 1 month.

    Do you have any guarantees?

    Yes, we have a 30 Day Action Takers Only money back guarantee which means you take action and complete tasks assigned in the trainings, and share your results with us, and still if you are not satisfied, we'll give you a full refund.

    What is the guarantee period?

    30 Day Action Takers Only Guarantee starts from the day of our first LIVE training session.